Doula your Book

Coaching will include guiding the author through the book writing process. Depending on the author and content of the book, I individualize the coaching. I include minimal editing as we move through creating the book. Editing included are character development, arc, plot development, world-building, the 5 senses, and troubleshooting writing blocks. And much more.

Publishing Assistance

This service includes walking you through the steps of self-publishing your book.

Substantive Edits

This form of editing includes a comprehensive look using developmental edits, grammar/punctuation, and any other edits the work may need. I base the editing price on several factors and writers should receive a quote for an accurate price.

Author Mindset Coaching

Coaching for authors is extremely individualized, however, the focus is to create an abundant mindset allowing the author to write with ease. We can focus on areas of your life that interfere with the writing process or on the development of content.

Basic Edits

I offer a basic edit that includes identifying places in the manuscript that the author needs to complete work. Items identified are punctuation, grammar, showing vs. telling words, needless words, and sentences longer than 35 words. I intend this edit to improve and make ready a manuscript for a professional editor to complete a comprehensive edit.